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Regarding the Biblical Tours, Turkey provides an exceptional experience. There are many important references in the New Testament mentioning the sites and the inhabitants of Anatolia. St. Paul was born, lived and traveled extensively along the Asia Minor. St. John is buried near Ephesus, and St. Phillip near Hierapolis. The first church dedicated to Virgin Mary is located in Ephesus. It is strongly believed that she herself lived and died in this vicinity. Besides, Ephesus is where Christianity had turned into a social and political institution. Emperors Constantine, who gave a privileged status to Christianity, and Theodosius, made it the only religion of the realm, implemented these steps in Istanbul. All of the first seven Ecumenical Councils which are recognized both by the Western and Eastern Churches were held in present day Turkey. Of these, the Nicene Creed, declared with the First Council of Nicaea (Iznik) in 325, is of utmost importance and has provided the essential definitions of Christianity.


7 Churches of Revelation
• Footsteps of St. Paul (Early Christianity)
• Step by step in the light of the old and new Testament
• Churches and Monasteries of the Black Sea Region
• Ecumenical Councils
• Diverse destinations related to Christianity


We organize trips for all size of groups, individuals or institutions and universities; from half day tours to longer schedules. Program may include lecturers or seminars if required. If you want to visit the Christian Heritage and Biblical sites in Turkey, just let us know how long you wish to stay for and what particular interests you may have. Ebruli Tour will prepare an individual schedule for your forthcoming visit to ensure that it will exactly meet your expectations and be a memorable one.

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