Many sites in the Mediterranean basin have been the stages for close contacts among different cultures, civilizations and religions. But it is in one region  that all these have been living together steadily without interruption and this is Anatolia. Anatolia is the motherland of faiths, and has been a shelter for the monotheistic religions.

Anatolia has been a junction or meeting place of cultures, civilizations and beliefs since Neolithic times. The most striking synthesis of the three great monotheistic religions in the so-called Fertile Cresent came about in this peninsula. The faiths, having lived together for centuries in this setting left their traces throughout this land and spread out to the world..

We welcome all those travelers to Turkey, seeking for their roots in the wonderful landscapes of the land of faiths.

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>> Tours focused on History of Faith and Religions

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>> The Biblical Anatolia
>> The City of Prophets

>> A brief history of Judaism in Anatolia
>> Brief History of the Mother Goddess in Anatolia