EBRULI TOURISM (Izmir- Turkey) was established in the year 1997 by a special team dedicated to the love of nature, culture, arts and history. Since than she keeps her prominent position among the few leading organizations making the mostly sophisticated Cultural Tours in Turkey.

We are proud that our company was awarded  for the “best culture tours” in 2010 and  the “tourism agency of the year” in 2016, by Izmir Tourism and Culture Directorate, within the context of Annual Tourism Awards. 

We do believe that, “Cultural tourism is among the foremost means of cultural exchanges between the people and among the most valuable instruments of inter-cultural dialogue”

Advisers and tour guides
Selected archeologists, professors of history of arts, history of religions, biologists and recognized specialists (according the tour themes) consult our trip design, setup and routes, which cover the whole Anatolia’s cross sections through space and time..

We employ experienced tour guides for English, Spanish, Greek, Italian and German languages. We have been committed to offer reliable and deep knowledge, meaningful and colorful routes and high standards of touristic services.

Through the cross road of civilizations
It is an outstanding reality that modern Turkey stands on the cross road of civilizations and lays on a beautiful geography. Therefore keeps a fantastic amount of data about the human history in her heart as well as the development of the nature.

May we say that Turkey is a long epic in regards of history, archeology, anthropology, religions and a heaven for eco tours, yachting, wellness and beach vacations as well. Which ever theme you choose or combine together, there is no doubt that you will enjoy a very special experience by a well-planned, colorful journey with Ebruli Tour.

Hundreds of routes and themes..
Our tour programs cover a large variety of routes and destinations in Turkey. These include archeology, arts, beliefs, Biblical routes, Jewish heritage, Shamanic and sufi lives, ancient temples, traditions, photography, music, gem safari, theme dinners, handicrafts, islands, beach vacations, yachting, mountains, plateaus, geography, outdoor activities, children tours, yoga and flora-fauna observations in the very special landscapes of Anatolia. Besides, we love to make tours for educational or survey purposes.

* If you wish and if you have time, we may add lecturers and special events, activities to your travel program.
* We may also take you to diverse destinations which are not yet so popular but impressing and meaningful.
* Ebruli Tour has experience on theme dinners and performances such as; Jewish-Sefarad, Antique Greek, Herodotus lyrics, Roman, Levantin, Hittite, traditional cooking, wine culture etc. We may offer such an event to our visitors.

A softer style for eco tours
We may say that Ebruli Tour has commenced a new style and designed alternatives within the reach for everyone to enjoy eco tours. We make plenty of exploration trips to prepare the best conditions that travelers from any age and physical condition can join the nature tours. Especially the eastern borders of the Black Sea Region has become a handy destination for our guests. Most of them visit the region every year while it seemed to be a privilege of only hikers and climbers reaching there before..

Ebrulitur recognizes the principles of the Europa Nostra Declarations on “Cultural Tourism, defining; “Cultural Tourism as that form of domestic and international tourism whose object is, among other aims, the discovery and enjoyment of historic monuments and sites focusing on the built (immovable and movable) cultural heritage, including the cultural landscapes, of heritage travel destination areas, to experience places and activities that authentically represent the cultural history of the host communities.”

Boutique tours
We usually work in boutique style and do not repeat the same tours, like a template. This is why you can not see standard tour programmes in this site. We design them on unique occasions at every turn and go through different cultural themes or combine new destinations on the way. The group, the season, the expectations and the themes closely determines our custom designed itineraries.

On the other hand; accommodation, food and transportation is always planned within the best alternatives according the destinations.

Whatever you dream..
Well, this site tries to tell you how serious we take our mission and what a rich landscape and historical background Turkey offers her visitors. If you want to visit our country, just contact us, tell us how long you can stay, how deep you want to go, the cities, places, regions, intersections, themes you prefer to focus on. We shall do our best to prepare an unforgettable travel program for you and will be more than happy, the more you want to see, to enjoy, to learn and to experience..

Sincerely yours,