The Hacilar Settlement, brought to the daylight by James Mellart, located on the 25 km southwest of Burdur, is dated back to 5700-5600 BC. At least nine Chalcolithic excavations are actively in progress at Burdur-Hacilar site. Hacilar level 5 ( 5500 BC) is the oldest site in Anatolia where metal objects are discovered.  There are goddess figurines made of clay, in every house,  in standing and sitting postures. Different from other settlement areas, the dead are buried outside the cities. The pottery in Hacilar is well fired and comes in red, brown and yellow colors..

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KEY SITES: *Alacahoyuk *Hacilar/ Burdur * Alisar *Arslantepe * Can Hasan  * Kuruçay * Seyitomer * Beycesultan  *Elazig /Tepecik * Malatya/ Degirmentepe *Norsuntepe* Istanbul/ Fikirtepe.*Hacinebi* Ilipinar*Hassek Hoyuk *Kazane Hoyuk *Mersin/ Yumuktepe * Kosk hoyuk /Nigde

MUSEUMS: Museum of Anatolian Civilizations/ Ankara and  Burdur Archeological Museum