The Bronze period begins  very early in Anatolia, around 3000 BC. While it begins at almost 2500 in the Aegean and Crete, around 2000 in Europe..

hatti hitit

The Indo-European tribes that until then lived on the north of Europe, for an unknown reason, migrated towards south between 2250 and 2000 BC in to a vast area from the Indian to the Atlantic Ocean. During this migration, tribes like Germans, Latins , Iranians, Cimmerians, Indians and Hellens moved to the areas and the countries around their present day locations. In the meantime some tribes, like Trojans, Thracians, Phrigians and Hittites got in to Anatolia.

Early bronze age:
Kura-Araxes culture in the late 4th millennium BCE-  Influence of the Accadian Empire in the 24th century BCE . Yortan Culture/Troya Culture

Middle bronz age:
Old Assyrian Empire and Hattians-The Hittite Old Kingdom emerges towards the close of the Middle Bronze Age – Assyrian Colonies, Hattians..

Late bronz age:
The Hittite Empire-Western Anatolian Kingdoms: Arzawa, Wilusa, Ahhiyawa (Minoan coloni), Karkisa.. (Ancestors of Ionian culture)

* Troya
* Hittit
* Hatti
* and  other ancient peoples of Anatolia