Mother Goddess Tours

Do you think that Kubaba, Cybele, Hekate, Aphrodite, Artemis are all gone, disappeared in the infinity of time or does humanity still need them and somehow keep them?

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The fact is that; The cult of the Mother Goddess had survived so long, such  as thousands of years, amazingly more than any religions lifetime on the earth. Indeed she never fade away from the Mediterranean heartland..

Was she born with the initial crops sprout out from the earth or where the water springs were dancing with the wind and in the light beam of the cryptic sin temples or where lonely mountains raised up?

Her names, shape and powers have been changing through time and cross cultural interactions.

There is a strong estimation that the story of the Anatolian woman appears as a Goddess since the Neolithic age, progressing to Hattia, Hittite Kubaba, Phyrg Cybele, turning to Carians Hekate, than Aphrodite and raised to Artemia, finally to Virgin Mary..

Inspite of the transmutation through time her basic persona, as the protector of all the life and fertility, usually as a virgin has remained still.

Besides,  moon temples were unearthed in Anatolia, mostly related with the mother goddess. While the sun and the bull was associated with the masculine principle, the moon and water cult was usually associated with the goddess. Because the moon, just as the female, has a cyclic character.

The Cult of Mother Goddess does exist worldwide since Neolithic times. But the Mediterranean and especially Anatolia’s Earth Mother shows an exceptional survival and reflects in the Monotheistic Religions until modern times.

If you are interested in the history of the Earth Mother, Anatolia has much to say on this outstanding Cult. Indeed the whole country is full of impressive relics about the Mother Goddess and related, reflected beliefs..


Anatolia has much to say on this outstanding Cult. Indeed the whole country is full of impressive relics about the Mother Goddess and related, reflected beliefs..There are plenty of temples, archeological sites, museums to see, relics and variations of this powerful cult in Turkey. We have surveyed the major and the less known sites under the guidance of archeologists to be able to offer a magnificent experience for you. Now we are ready to organize trips for all size of groups, individuals or institutions and universities on this theme. The tour may cover most of the country if you have time and wish to go deep. If not a shorter trip may be designed for you.

These specific programs are recommended to be accomplished with lecturers and other supporting media available, such as music and documentary film sessions.

If you find all these interesting, please kindly contact us, tell us how long you can stay, how deep you want to go, the cities, regions you prefer to focus on and what else you would like to enjoy In Turkey. We shall do our best to prepare a satisfying and unforgettable travel program for you.



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